Permanent Residency in the United States promotes stability for an individual for every facet of his or her life. Since 2005, Alikhan Law Office has assisted individuals across the globe acquire permanent residency in the United States. Las Vegas Immigration Attorney Alikhan has enabled family reunification for spouses; fiancees; parents; stepchildren; immigrant victims of abuse; asylees; and widow(ers) by assisting them in acquiring their respective permanent resident cards.  Las Vegas Immigration Attorney Alikhan is capable and ready to provide legal representation and advice for national and international clients who want to live and work in the United States.

Spousal Visas: Expert assistance with spousal visa applications for family reunification. Our experienced immigration attorneys guide you through the process.

Fiancee Visas: Navigate the complexities of the fiancé visa process with our dedicated attorneys. We assist you in bringing your loved one to the United States.

Parent-Child Visas: Expert assistance with parent-child visa applications. Our immigration lawyers help you navigate the process of bringing or keeping your child to the United States.

Green Card Applications for Family-Based Immigration: Experienced attorneys guiding you through green card applications based on family relationships and citizenship. Achieve permanent residency in the United States.